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Since 1989 the CareGivers Forum conference has brought together over 150 different ministries caring for pastors and their families. They represent many levels of resources for the pastor, pastoral family, church leaders and missionaries. This resource directory primarily lists ministries currently active in the network (attending the Forum in the last ten years) who meet basic criteria and have requested to be listed.  (Forum attenders: find criteria here

If you are looking for help: Depending on your background and experience, you may feel more comfortable with some organizations than with others. We suggest you visit their web site and contact them directly to obtain other information that will help you in choosing the resources that are right for you. (See disclaimer below.)


His High Places, Inc.
We exist to minister to ministers and those they serve when they are in a crisis or at a crossroads in their lives. The counseling is one-on-one, five day in-residence intensives. Guests receive 20 plus hours of counseling. They stay in guest quarters on our grounds. The top five presenting issues: marriage struggles, especially infidelity and communication difficulties, depression, inordinate anger, career disillusionment, burnout, pornography and grief recovery.
Founder and Director: John Samuel McMillan; Co-founder and Director: Anita S. McMillan
P.O. Box 1418
Web address:
  • Counseling Services
  • Restoration and Counseling Retreats

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