October 29 - November 1, 2017
Ridgecrest Conference Center, North Carolina


This year's special speaker:


Bill Tell brings us the message of TrueFace.  Bill is the author of Lay it Down - Living in the Freedom of the Gospel and a National Staff Development Specialist with The Navigators. 

Bill became involved with the TrueFace team in 2000 as they guided him through depression and burnout. Since then Bill has been involved helping teach TrueFace Intensives and other TF training sessions, as a guest blogger and podcast participant, and faculty for the CHTL certificate course.

Sharing from his own experience, Bill is committed to helping others find freedom from "performance-driven Christianity."

Learn how to help others move from fear and shame-based ministry to life and ministry fully based in grace. 

Read more about Bill Tell and TrueFace.


Leading our worship times:


Elizabeth Stewart


Elizabeth Stewart is the worship leader for her church in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.  
She is a classically trained pianist, song writer, music instructor, and mother to her two young sons.
Her husband Michael serves as the Minister of Education for their church.







Optional afternoon workshops offer time to focus on practical issues relevant to our ministries. This year optional workshops on Monday and Tuesday afternoons include:

CLEAR Conversations: Coaching Skills to Make Every Day Better
In a lively give-n-receive style, I will unpack my CLEAR coaching model with a chance for you to rehearse these 5 vital skills to improve your everyday conversations with family, friends, and ministry partners.

Imagined and facilitated by Judi Iverson-Gilbert, PhD, coach and trainer at Coaching 4 the 2nd Half

The Value of Building Self-Awareness 
“How can you draw near to God when you are far from your own self? Grant, Lord, that I may know myself that I may know thee” – Augustine, from Confessions

There is no real growth in any area of our lives without building self-awareness. It is the key element in authenticity and is crucial in shaping our own methods and motivations in giving care to ministry leaders. It is likewise vital to the overall health and effectiveness of those we care for. Here is what we will explore together, in lecture and discussion:
• What is self-awareness and why is it important?
• How might it impact our work in care-giving?
• Why does it have value for those to whom we minister?
• What resources are available in building self-awareness? (with a specific focus on the PRO D Assessment as used by PIR Ministries)
Led by Roy Yanke, Executive Director, PIR Ministries

Caring for Ministry Leaders: The Significant Issues
Ministry can be hazardous. As caregivers we need to know the risk factors facing Christian leaders. What is unique to this population? This workshop will focus on the top six significant issues ministry professionals face as found in the presenter’s doctoral research done at the Caregivers Forum. Attendees will discover the causation of these issues and explore techniques which address the heart of the matter.
Led by Dr. Michael MacKenzie, Clinical Director, Marble Retreat

Resiliency in the Good, Bad, and Ugly of Life
Pull away from the noise and busyness for a mini Soul Care Retreat. Life can be a roller coaster as God stretches us and blesses us though different seasons. Where does God have you right now? Where might He want to take you? We’ll consider twelve cycles of ups and downs, joys and hardships, blessings and struggles. Then we’ll experience some soul care as we seek God’s eternal perspective and sovereignty through life-giving time in the Lord in the Word, journaling, and prayer. Please bring a Bible, journal, and a heart ready to lean into Jesus.

Led by Linda Kline, Psalm One Ministries

Finding Ways to Open Doors Wider to Underserved Ministry Leaders
An open discussion about understanding and removing barriers that might limit us from serving various groups of ministry leaders.

Facilitated by Dale Frimodt, Barnabas Ministries and Ted and Beverly Williams, Banah Inn


In addition there'll be small groups and time to network, connect and enjoy the beautiful conference grounds.