Connecting . . .
those involved in "ministry to ministers" with others with the same vision
CareGivers Forum is an annual gathering of people from across the United States and elsewhere who are involved in the ministry of caring for professional Christian workers and their families. The Forum provides opportunity for personal relationships, professional networking, and shared learning.  
Beginning in 1989 as a venue for ministry leaders to gather and share their concerns and visions, it has also become a network of like-minded people concerned about supporting each other in "ministering to ministers." This provides an avenue of referral for services, opportunity to learn from one another and source of encouragement.   
The Forum is a place to interact, network, encourage and develop. Nothing more, nothing less.


The Annual Conference

As someone involved in "ministry to ministers" . . .

CONNECT at next year's Forum 

Plan now to join us October 23-26, 2022
Ridgecrest Conference Center, Ridgecrest, North Carolina

Attendees include those just contemplating starting a new ministry to well-established ministries, from those providing vacation retreats to those providing comprehensive mental health services.

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Resource Directory of Ministries

As a pastor, missionary, ministry leader or spouse . . .

CONNECT with the resources available to serve you. . . Places of rest, renewal, counsel, coaching, consulting, and more.

The ministries represented at the Forum provide a wide variety of services ranging from rest and relaxation, to spiritual retreats, to intensive counseling and everything in between. 

They provide resources for the pastor, pastoral family, church leaders and missionaries.

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